M O E N A G A D E - The mouse enabled game development tool

GNU General Public License
What is Moenagade?
Moenagade is a graphical programming tool for beginners. For this reason it is rather limited in its functionality. It aims to help students to gain knowledge about the programming structures. Due to the explicit conversion to real and executable Java code, it should help to make an easy from block programming to coding.
Why this new software?
Because other block oriented programming tools do not provide the real-time conversion to importable Java code I would like to see in order to make the transfer from the block to the code logic.
What about it's name?
"Moenagade" is a very bad acronym for "MOuse ENAbled GAme DEvelopment", which comes straight from the fact that you mainly use the mouse to develop.
Is there any license?
Moenagade is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation

Concerning third party code in Moenagade, please read the enclosed "license.txt" file or check out the "about"-dialog.